Our Story

Chinese and Spanish

Texas is a strong economic force in the world. Our top three countries we export to are Mexico, Canada, and China. China has become the second largest economy in the world, and in order for Texas and the United States to remain on top, we intend to provide a unique educational opportunity that ensures our students speak English, Spanish and Chinese.

Character and Leadership Development

We intend to return leadership and citizenship back into the culture and educational experience for every student attending International Leadership of Texas. Students are given leadership roles teaching the concept of others before self. Traits such as timeliness, responsibility, and respect with expectations to be on time, to be responsible, and to be respectful are exemplified. We believe these traits will empower students to overcome the challenges they will face and create a better, more productive society in which to live and work.

Building International Relationships

International Leadership of Texas has developed close relationships with schools in China in order to facilitate an exchange of teachers and students. ILTexas will host Chinese students at the high school level to ensure our students not only learn the language but also the Chinese culture and most importantly build long term professional relationships. It is our goal to team every three American students with one Chinese student to facilitate relationship building and expedited learning. By the time our students are seniors, we also intend to provide travel opportunities to visit and study in China. This intentional, innovative approach is an incredible learning opportunity that sets ILTexas apart from other public, charter or private school educational opportunities.

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